Philip Miller 

Philip Miller 

Philip Miller took time off from his marketing career in 2012 to concentrate on pursuing a passion that began at age ten when he started his dapper journey. He took a pocket knife to the cuffs of an oxford shirt so he could sport cufflinks. His love of cufflinks and other menswear finery has driven him to create Archibald J. McNeil. Philip is a car guy, an outdoorsman and a sartorialist. He serves and CEO and Creative Director. Philip lives and works in Middleburg, VA with his wife, Jessica.


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This is not about fashion. Our goal is not to make and sell the popular new style. Our goal is to help you tell why you wear what you wear and show who you are. We call it authenticity. To us, life is best when we are true to ourselves. To us, being ‘ordinary’ is a vile act. Don't be ordinary, be yourself. 

Whether you would journey to Italy for the mere delight of a genuine espresso.. or you favor a teepee to a cabin, our products are designed for you. The AJM man turns each day into an event and dresses accordingly. Tales of his exploits will live on for generations.  He is a man about whom legends are told. Are you? 


You may see this on billing or shipping information. Imperial Revival, LLC is Archibald J. McNeil's legal name. Same people. Same ideals. Same modus operandi.  


We strive to make every product we offer - and every product we will ever offer - in the United States.  It's important to us to offer you the best and when absolutely necessary we will offer products from other great nations. In that event, we will always make the provenance of the products clear to you.  Our metal products are hand-crafted in the USA from Argentium® silver, nickel silver and brass. Bespoke orders can be created in almost any metal or alloy available. We pride ourselves on our skills, attention to detail, and the quality of our designs.  Our products are designed to be used often and to last for a lifetime (and then some).  They are also designed to look classically timeless while preserving the wearers' optimal comfort and confidence.


Argentium® is silver like sterling that is tarnish resistant with excellent luster.  We know you probably don't care for polishing, because we don't.  Let's spend less time polishing and more time living.  We'd rather you spend that time doing something fascinating, wouldn't you? That's why we use it. Our Argentium® products are marked with the authentic flying unicorn logo as well as our brand seal.

For those of you interested in the technical reasons why we picked it please keep reading. Argentium® is a modern sterling silver with a higher concentration of silver, making it purer than traditional sterling silver. Traditional sterling silver is comprised of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper whereas Argentium® silver contains between 93.5 and 96% pure silver.  This higher concentration of silver makes Argentium® whiter and brighter than traditional sterling silver and even platinum.  It also has superior tarnish resistance against pollution, perspiration and ultraviolet radiation.  Argentium® is an astonishingly low maintenance silver.

Learn more about Argentium® silver here.


Due to the nature of hand-fabricated and hand-forged jewelry, there will be slight variations making each piece unique.  It's very important to us that this is the case.  Each of our customers is unique and so each of you deserve an individually crafted piece.  The way we see it, too many of today's wares are identical, which sadly makes life a little less aesthetically intriguing.  

Our craftsmen are journeymen and artisans of the highest quality.  They combine the best of old production methods and today's technology to create the best products on the market.   We start by sourcing the very best metals and materials. The artisans use rigorous methods for creating each piece by hand.  For instance, the line of essential cufflinks go through a 14 hands-on steps during production before they reach your cuffs. Each product is inspected by hand before receiving the stamp of approval with our brand seal, the A surrounded by a shield shape.