Cufflinks inspired by the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO.  A bespoke client and car lover handed us the charge of commemorating this vehicle by commissioning cufflinks.  To boot, he wanted to wear these for his impending nuptials.  As a car lover myself, I welcomed this opportunity to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful cars ever produced.  

Exclusive from the time it was first introduced, only 36 series 1 250 GTOs were ever produced, 3 more series 2 cars were later added.  Each buyer was personally approved by none other than Enzo Ferrari himself.  In it’s 1962 racing debut, it took second place in the hallowed 12 Hours of Sebring.  At the 1963 running of the 24 Hour of Le Mans, the car finished second.  As astonishing victories and championships mounted, the 250 GTO became an automotive legend. 

After some discussion, we determined the racing shift gate was the inspiration for this project.  Care was taken to ensure our cufflinks would accurately reproduce the shift gate on cufflink scale.  After much searching, we located the measurements of an original shift gate and took that as our model.  The attention to detail has provided us with all we needed to create this one of a kind design.

The cufflinks were designed to be as beautiful as the car itself whether at rest or in use.  To accomplish this, the piece was made as a sculpture so that even when resting in your cufflink box they appear just as car’s shift mechanism does from the interior.  The top side of the links are actually two shift gates placed back to back allowing the shift lever to be our under-cuff mechanism. Each individual gear gate was cut out so the wearer’s shirt is visible through the cufflink. 

Ever the generous car guy, our client was so impressed and satisfied with the final product that he has allowed us to offer them fellow GTO lovers.  The cufflinks are shown below in Sterling Silver with antiqued finish inside the shift gate.  Additional metals available upon request.

These cufflinks will be available in our online store soon.  We are currently accepting pre-order inquiries at

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